Supporting the vision of the government of Abu Dhabi to enhance the city’s streetscape to reflect a better visual identity of its community while upholding the safety and welfare of the pedestrians, NAS team resumes the installation of bollards along the Corniche area of the emirate.

About 420 bollards have already been put in place in about 20 parking areas and three signal crossings along the 15-kilometer stretch of Corniche Road with around 60 more concrete bollards to be casted and installed in the coming days.

Previously concrete barriers were installed to safeguard pedestrians from any eventualities like traffic accidents.

But this was replaced after the Department of Urban Planning & Municipalities awarded Noor Al Sahara General Contracting the contract to design and execute concrete barriers to protect pedestrian on Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi in 2019.

As a better alternative, NAS utilizes the concrete bollards to create perimeters and act as barriers instead. Bollards provides safety and security against motor vehicle interactions and studies say that it increases the walkability of the areas where these bollards are installed.

To enhance the look of the roads fronting the scenic waters of Abu Dhabi, installing bollards gives a sophisticated and aesthetic appeal aside from providing security from vehicular traffic.

NAS is committed to deliver the vision of Abu Dhabi municipality with efficiency, quality and timely completion as per the project requirements.