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for the future generations

Noor Al Sahara

General Contracting – Sole proprietorship L.L.C.

Noor Al Sahara General Contracting – Sole proprietorship L.L.C. is a reputed civil, road & infrastructure contractor in the Middle East, established since April 4th, 2007.

Noor Al Sahara Services

Our establishment has an unwavering dedication to personal and professional integrity in all our businesses. We strive on delivering outstanding quality on every project, adding value to the community we serve.

Our Clients

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We believe that safety is everyone’s business. Every member of our team is tasked with taking personal ownership of his or her own safety & the safety of others.

At least 10 site workers in our Shakhbout project were recognized & awarded with Certificates & electronic items.


Asphalt, which is a cornerstone in the construction of cycle tracks, plays an equally important role in providing a safe, smooth & durable surface for cyclists.

Wishing our dedicated teams working on the road infrastructure & cycle tracks in Shakhbout all the best!



In a vast barren landscape, the construction of a roundabout & the meticulous laying of asphalt on a desert road signify a major transformation at the same time a testament of our commitment to face challenges head on as we underscore the importance of infrastructure development.


Cycle tracks, dedicated lanes for cyclists, have become essential elements of modern urban planning, promoting sustainable transportation and healthier lifestyles.

With our on-going project in Shakbout Road Sector 44-P30, our team has commenced the construction of cycle tracks.


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