Roads & Infrastructure for Baps Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi

Being part of the historical initiative of the government to construct a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, NAS team takes pleasure in commencing the newly awarded contract to carry out the 52M project involving road & infrastructure for the construction of Baps Hindu Mandir Temple in Abu Dhabi.

NAS team mobilizes its fleet & manpower to execute one of the major road & infrastructure projects recently awarded to Noor Al Sahara General Contracting – Sole Proprietorship by the Department of Transport & Municipalities – Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

As part of the preliminary road works, NAS team commences the earth works which includes excavating, moving & placing soil, or other materials to reshape the ground’s surface in preparation for the road construction for the temple.

Aside from earthworks, the team also executes the stormwater works which manages & controls the flow of rainwater & stormwater run-off.

MCC works are also being carried out where our team is principally doing the civil works such as laying the foundation & pipelines.

Electrical & water works which play important roles in the road construction are also being simultaneously carried out. Electrical system is being put in place particularly for lighting, power tools & communication while water work installation of water supply is also taking place in the project site. Currently, streetlights are being installed to provide illumination of the roads once completed.

Meanwhile, our asphalt team has also commenced the asphalt works to pave way for the project to progress accordingly as planned.